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LUNARiA by Visual Arts: Official English Release out now!

Key's LUNARiA - Virtualized Moonchild, a kinetic novel previously released in 2021, has an English version now available on Switch!

A Robot on a Post Apocalyptic Earth — Key’s Stella of The End releases next week!

"Even if humanity dies, the machines we have created will inherit our love and create the future."

A new Path for Visual Arts? Chinese Mega Company Tencent Acquires Visual Arts

On July 27th, Takahiro Baba announced he will be retiring from the company and transferring all his shares to Tencent.

Epic Eagle Team Releases Fan Translation of Key’s Stella of the End

On July 10th, 2023, during a very dry week, the fan translation group SnowyRujinTL posted an update to Twitter about its progress on Planetarian -Snow Globe-. But within the same…

Event Coverage: Steam Next Fest Demo Reviews

The Steam Next Fest took place from June 19th through June 26th. This event gave users the chance to discover and try out many new game demos. In the following…

Review: LOOPERS—Let’s set out to Find a Real Treasure

This review was handed in by Manpig. If you’re interested in the works of KEY, Minori and an abundance of robot related takes, make sure to follow his account on…