More Action! More Comedy! More Dick jokes!—NUKITASHI 2 Releases

Shiravune has finally released Qruppo's NUKITASHI 2! They are back for another comedy action feast! Dicks out, Seiran Friends!

Qruppo Collabs with Kadokawa to Produce Anime Adaptation for Nukitashi

Qruppo announced that Nukitashi, their debut and bombshell franchise will receive an anime adaptation in collaboration with Kadokawa. A Teaser image and 30-sec trailer has been released.

Explore the World of the Sex Paradise (?) in Shiravune’s Nukitashi!

On the 23rd of June, 2023, Tokyo-based publisher Shiravune has released the long and highly anticipated official English localization of Nukitashi. The game was released with English, Japanese, Chinese and…