Monster Girl Yuri!—Head Over Heels out now

A yuri story featuring all sorts of monster girls—our protagonist included!

To Grant a Wish’s Kickstarter launched!

On November 1, Wizard Ras Studios launched the Kickstarter for their latest title To Grant a Wish with a goal of $6100.

A Promise Best Left Unkept by HangoverCatPurrroduction Released

NTR lovers, rejoice! The newest NTR nukige A Promise best left Unkept is here!

Fling with a Tiefling banner
Review: Fling with a Tiefling — Love a Tiefling in More Ways than One!

Fling with a Tiefling just released on October 27th 2023 on It was created by Kristi Jimenez, also known as HusbandoGoddess. Inspired by Baldur’s Gate 3, in August 2023…

Review: The Price of Flesh – Let the Hunt Begin!

Content Warning: The Price of Flesh is an 18+ horror visual novel containing graphic depictions of murder, gore, and sexual assault. See the Steam page for a full list of…

Spooktober 2023 — VN Jam Game Report #3

Introduction It is that time of the year again, the spooky season.What better way get into the right mood than playing an interesting visual novel.So the Spooktober Jam comes at…

Spooktober 2023 thumbnail
Spooktober 2023 — VN Jam Game Report #2

As part of our ongoing Spooktober 2023 coverage I will share with you my impressions of four titles that stood out to me as I browsed the entrants for games…

Under OldNoEyes’ Gaze!—Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim is now available on Steam

On October 20th, 2023, Black Heaven: A Necromantic Dating Sim, a mystery/horror dating sim was released on Steam by Occult Triangle Lab at a cost of $9.99.An Itch version of…

Sunlight Scream: University Massacre now on Steam

Join Max as he tries to uncover the mystery behind the murders happening in his childhood town, Sunlight City.

STOP BURYING ME ALIVE, BEAUTIFUL! by Angela He now available

You woke up as you were being buried alive. The choice is yours—do you try and convince them to stop, or do you live a new life underground?