Review: Salome’s Kiss

Over the past few months, many of my fellow yuri fans recommended ebi-hime’s works to me. I recently decided to give Salome's Kiss a go.

A Slow Burn Yuri That’s not Seabed?—Fragile Feelings by ebi-hime Released on Itch and Steam

Ebi-himes newest Yuri VN called Fragile Feelings was finally released on the 12th of October 2023. This is the next game after Eldritch Idol which came out for the occasion…

Ebi-hime’s Eldritch Idol makes her Debut into the Visual Novel Scene!

This is a visual novel about managing the idol career of a cute anime girl. Although this cute idol may seem nice at first glance, they are actually an eldritch…

With Eyes of Ice Released on June 23rd

This is a dramatic kinetic "otome-esque" VN set in Iceland, in the 1800s.

STEAM NEXT FEST 2023 is now Live!

From June 19th to the 26th, Steam’s Next Fest will bring many news, demos and lots of fun for all players! Next Fest is a week full of demos to…