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Tobira no Densetsu ~Kaze no Tsubasa~

Tobira no Densetsu ~Kaze no Tsubasa~ is a free RPG originally released in 2007 (though with several, apparently pretty substantive additions since then), written by Denjirou Jr. of doujin circle Door. It is available at Freem and Vector.

Original title: 扉の伝説~風のつばさ~

HP (internet archive) vndb


Lucia Maverick has worked as a maid in the remote village of Cust, home to many fleeing their pasts, for the last five years after the death of her parents. But her sick little sister, Anna, grows weaker by the day, and so Lucia plans to set out on a journey to Lestaria in hopes of finding employment as a Royal Guard on her fifteenth birthday, thereby securing funds for Anna’s treatment. But things do not go as planned, and the return of a past terror is just the beginning of a small yet massive adventure…

(shamelessly stolen from vndb)


Tobira no Densetsu ~Kaze no Tsubasa~ (or tobiden for short and hereafter, even though that is actually the name for the series) already has a couple

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