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Subarashiki Hibi~Furenzoku Sonzai~

“Live happily!” -Wittgenstein

Subarashiki Hibi is a game by KeroQ (now Makura) written by SCA-Ji, originally released in 2010, and which got a HD, full voiced re-release in 2018. This review will be base in the HD version, though I don’t think there are any differences in the scenario save for an additional bonus chapter. There is also an English version available in steam.

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It’s hard to summarize Subarashiki Hibi (Subahibi for short), in part because as a mystery part of the enjoyment comes from discovering the plot by yourself, in part because the story changes considerably from beginning to end so there is not short summary that could cover everything. A brief summary of the first chapter (that works as sort of a long-ish prologue) is possible but it’d also not very representative.

However, if I were to try I could say that Subahibi deals with several days in the middle of July, 2012, ending in July, 20th, when “something” big is

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