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[Review] Tales of Phantasia – Cross Edition

JP title: テイルズオブファンタジア クロスエディション

Here it is: the grand ancestor of all Tales games. The one JRPG that started it all. Well, more specifically, this is the PSP remake of Phantasia that comes bundled with Narikiri Dungeon X. At its core, it’s more or less the same game, though it does feature some enhancements and additional content, including a brand new character. (no, not Suzu)

So, what do I even say about Tales of Phantasia that hasn’t been said a million times? It’s a bog-standard 90s fantasy JRPG, with a group of teenagers saving the world from doom, although, in its defense, there’s actually more to Phantasia’s main villain than meets the eye. It’s an interesting take on the whole “we must defeat the evil overlord because… well, just because!” trope that so many JRPGs use without really thinking too hard about it. The original game, by the way, came out for the SNES and was a huge part of my childhood, so it felt really nice coming

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