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Mobile Monday: My Moocher Man – I picked up a hottie!


We take a look at one of the many “idle games” available for Android.

Title: 私のヒモ男~イケメン拾いました~
My Moocher Man – I picked up a hottie!
Developer: GOODROID, Inc.
Download it from the Google Play store here.
Currently Japanese language only.

I’ve been playing more mobile games lately, so I thought it might be fun to take a look at a different one each week. This week we’re looking at My Moocher Man – I picked up a hottie! (This is my own translation of the Japanese title 私のヒモ男~イケメン拾いました~. The word “himo” refers to a kind of male sugar baby, but I think moocher fits in this case.)


I have a tendency to download these idle games (in Japanese they’re referred to as 放置ゲーム) because of the cute art, and then they inevitably disappoint me. The basics of these games are all the same: you collect points by clicking on an

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