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[Review] Final Fantasy XIII

So this is one game I’ve always been meaning to finish myself just to see if all the things fans have been saying about it were true, and after a solid 47 hours of play time, I can now say that I did just that. And I have my answer, too. But let’s not spoil the fun in advance by revealing what I ultimately thought about the game in my introduction — and besides, some of you (yes, you) are going to scroll to the bottom anyway just to see my concluding thoughts. I can’t stop you, nor do I wish to. I’m not your mother, you lovable little rapscallion. Anyway, uh… without further ado, let’s jump right in, because I feel this is going to be one long review. Here are my thoughts on Square Enix’s fairly controversial 2009 entry in the Final Fantasy franchise.

Whenever a discussion starts about FF13, you’ll see the same criticisms leveled at it — that is, a painfully linear main campaign (some affectionately, or not-so-affectionately call the game Hallway Fantasy 13) that mostly just consists of running down straight corridors and only opens up very briefly in a late-game chapter, but when it does,

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