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Review: Forgotten, Not Lost


This thoughtful visual novel uses the medium to tackle a serious topic through the eyes of the elderly protagonist.


Title: Forgotten, Not Lost
Developer: Afterthought Studios
Playtime: Around 1 hour
Buy Forgotten, Not Lost on here Steam.
I received a review copy from the developer.

Forgotten, Not Lost is a kinetic visual novel (no choices) dealing with dementia, a heavy issue that immediately makes it stand out from the plethora of light-hearted romance VNs we’ve seen coming to Steam lately.

“An old farmer lives with his wife – However, he hasn’t quite been himself lately. His mind wanders off, he forgets his daily routine and he often brings up things from the past.”

The story is well-written and tugs at the heartstrings; I had tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat for a lot of it. Set in a medieval world, it’s told through the eyes of the sufferer, a simple farmer who lives with his wife, and we experience his declining memory and his response to his condition right along with him. We see the pain and confusion he goes through as he forgets more and more, from the small, innocuous memories to not being able to recognize his own…

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