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Review: NEKOPARA Vol. 2 [All Ages]

The hit doujin game series is back with this latest installment, which has again been released simultaneously in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Bring on the catgirl chaos!

First off, I am a huge NEKOPARA fan, so that fact is going to colour my review. I have a thing for catgirls, what more can I say?

While this newest installment doesn’t bring anything new to the table, it’s a must-play for fans of the series. Vol. 1 focused on Chocola and Vanilla, the youngest catgirls, but in this outing it’s Azuki and Coconut who are the central figures. Personally, I’d been looking forward to seeing more of Coconut since the very first game!

The Mindauki catgirls all together again.


The four-hour story follows the La Soleil gang as they manage the busy patisserie, where business is booming thanks to imouto Shigure knowing how to leverage the appeal of catgirls online. While Chocola and Vanilla go off for their bell renewal test, protagonist (pervy) pastry chef Kashou has a chance to get closer to the other catgirls, particularly Coconut, the clumsy younger sister, and Azuki, the sarcastic older sister. There are fights, misunderstandings, and many, many…

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