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My issue with “Free-To-Play”

Today I would like to rant about the Free-To-Play model which is becoming more and more prevalent in gaming and visual novel mobile market. For those less…informed, Free-To-Play is a gaming model where the game is essentially free (Meaning you CAN play the whole game without spending a dime). Free-To-Play (Which shall from this point on be simply acronymed “FTP”) was rarely seen a few years back, but since the popularity and success of FTP games on platforms such as Facebook (Where the first major “outbreak” of FTP games spawned; I’m talking about games like the well known Farmville), they have become more and more common on both the PC and mobile market, with the PC market mainly seeing online FTP MMOs and online games.
Now, I’m not talking about actual FREE games, like the ones you used to come across on Newgrounds or any other run of the mill flash game websites; There is a major difference between actual free games and FTP games.  Sadly, many casual players, who dominate the mobile market, do not know the one giant difference that separates the two and is cause for these kinds of games to be coined FTP instead of just free…

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