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A Circus Mystery? — Death Trick: Double Blind is finally out!

Do you enjoy mysteries and circus settings? Well, you’re in luck!
This past week, Death Trick: Double Blind was released for PC and the Switch.

You can get your copy on Steam for $14.39 (until March 25th) and at the Nintendo Store for $15.99!
Find more on their official website and follow the team on Twitter/X and on their Discord server.

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Turns & Action Points

With only limited actions one can take before passing time, plan carefully about which clues to pursue and which locations to investigate.

Twin Perspectives

Alternate between a magician and a private eye: two different characters, with access to different information., and put the pieces together to see the bigger picture!

🕵️‍♂️ 8 fully animated characters with their own goals, histories, and motives.
🎪 10 gorgeous locations to investigate and revisit.
🎨 50+ set of CGs and 300+ panels of comics to bring the circus to life
🔠 A sprawling and non-linear narrative to engross and enchant
🎭 Different unlockable endings for each major character.

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