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Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II releases this week

The newest installment of Experience’s popular horror franchise Spirit Hunter will be released on February 15th. It’s published by Aksys Games and will be available on the PlayStation Store, Nintendo eShop, and Steam.

If you’ve not played the previous titles in the series, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark and Spirit Hunter: NG, it’s recommended to go through them first, since they share a universe, background story, and some characters. As a sequel to Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II features the same protagonist and will probably spoil some of the original game’s story.


When rumors circulate about supernatural occurrences at the famed Konoehara Academy in Tokyo’s H City, it’s up to the head of the Kujou family, also known as the “Spirit Doctor,” to take on the case.

Notices that announce people’s deaths, and students who aren’t what they seem. Through your investigation, it appears that a spirit called “The Departed” is the mastermind behind it all, and it looks like it wants something from you…



Echoing previous entries, this game will alternate between long VN sequences and adventure/point-and-click sequences. A new addition to the franchise, however, is side-scrolling travel between locations. The first-person movement utilized during investigations will return.

Throughout the game, the protagonist must exorcise spirits during a series of investigations. Clues about each spirit discovered on the map allow the main character to weaken and defeat them. Investigations into the spirits are conducted with the partner of your choice.

In Spirit Hunter: Death Mark II, the partner you choose will influence the success rate of the different actions taken during the final showdown against a spirit. These actions are called “Suspensive Acts.”

Meet your partners

Warning: The following section may contain spoilers about the first game, Spirit Hunter: Death Mark.

Yashiki Kazuo (default name that can be changed)

VA: Nezuka Ryou

A middle-aged man who lost his memory. He arrived at the house as if something was inviting him. It is there he will understand the «Cursed Fate» that is engraved upon him.

Hiroo Madoka

VA: Ishitobi Erika

A major pharmaceutical company researcher. She believes in cool and collected logic, and violently rejects anything supernatural. She doesn’t have an artistic bone in her body, possibly because of her lineage.

Hiroo Madoka
Daimon Shuuji

Daimon Shuuji

VA: Nezuka Ryou

Decided to become a doctor because of his army physician grandfather. He currently works at a clinic. His reputation suffers due to his dry bedside manner, but he’s very skilled. Rumors say his health is failing, too…

Kashiwagi Ai*

VA: Miyasaka Miyu

A star member of the current popular idol group Love & Hero. Her sense of justice is strong, and she despises anything that’s twisted. She’s an accomplished pianist who’s skilled enough to sing and play simultaneously.

*Kashiwagi was played by Funato Yurie in the previous game.

Kashiwagi Ai
Mashita Satoru

Mashita Satoru

VA: Kawabata Yoshiaki

An ex-detective discharged over a scandal. He claims it was a false accusation, but the truth remains hidden.

Nagashima Shou

VA: Nakamura Ryouta

An injury forced this former baseball player to quit. His prickly attitude seems to stem from that, but he treasures his friends.

Nagashima Shou
Towako Yasuoka

Yasuoka Towako

VA: Masahiro Kase

A famous fortune teller, she has a store in the best part of Ginza. Her clients even include politicians. She uses her spiritual powers with her knowledge to give advice, which has gained her many devotees. Tone deaf, the only thing she’s bad at is music.

Nakamatsu Eita

VA: Masahiro Kase

An occult maniac who’s addicted to BBSes. He met Suzu through the reader’s column in OOPArts Monthly, and she idolizes him like a big brother for whatever reason.

Nakamatsu Eita
Watanabe Moe

Watanabe Moe

VA: Takagi Yurika

A high school girl who loves the occult. She’s quirky, but always energetic and cheerful. She marches to the beat of her own drum.

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