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Life with Vtubers — My Oshi Vtuber Trilogy on Steam!

This past December, Tensei Games has released My Oshi Vtuber Jumped Through The Screen and Now We’re Living Together as a trilogy.

Meet the VTubers!

Hipopo Popota (CV: Hanadera Karen)

A game livestreamer who escaped from the zoo…
It’s unclear whether she’s a horse, a hippopotamus, or some other animal entirely.
She’s looking for an owner to take care of her so that she can stream 24/7.

Get her game here!

Ruby D. Sato (CV: Yumezuki Yami)

A vtuber who splits her time between themed live streams and just chatting.
While her character concept is that she’s a vampire of noble blood, she’s extremely frugal with money and can’t stomach horror games, so it’s unclear if any of that is true.

Get her game here!

Amu Amayume (CV: Kobe Hinata)

A succubus who has come down to the modern world to relieve the fatigue felt by those stuck working crappy jobs.
Her goal is to harvest the life energy of her listeners through her live streams.
Because she deliberately tries to give her listeners the wrong idea with her cunning and charm, she has a lot of fans.

Get her game here!

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KEVINNGW808, Indonesian PVZ Gamer and Youtuber. Always succ at PVZ, including PVZ Mods. Likes animes, VNs, and Hololive. Enjoys video editing, computering, chinese song, memes, and cats too.

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