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Is it wrong to try and bring beautiful girls into a dungeon? — Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World releases in English

ToHeart2 fans, look out! English publisher Shiravune is celebrating Valentines with fans of the series by releasing Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in English and Chinese! The game is available to purchase on Steam and Johren for $19.99.


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When I awoke, there was fantasy stuff everywhere⸺
What kind of adventure could be in store? And will there be any way home when it’s all said and done?!

It all started after class in the student council room.
Takaaki and all his friends had been gathered to test some unquestionably suspicious if not downright dangerous game—or “full-body immersive RPG experience,” in the words of its inimitable creator Ma-ryan.
The play-test was only questionably voluntary.

The game started to launch. A bright flash filled the room…
When Takaaki opened his eyes, he was somewhere he didn’t recognize.
His friends Konomi and Tamaki were kitted out in full fantasy gear, and when he looked more closely, he realized he was too.

Were they in the game? Forget that—how would they get out?
Only one lead presented itself. “In the depths of the dungeon located nearby, there lives the god who created this world…”
But who could it be?

In search of more clues and hopefully some answers, the party set out into the dungeon…



Recruit a huge cast of friends from four different base classes that branch into over a dozen variations, and always build the best party for the job! Explore one long, twisting dungeon that only gets more perilous the further you go, with plenty of optional quests and side areas to unlock! The original Dungeon Travelers game takes place in a separate world from the others, drawing characters instead from the fan-beloved world of the PS2 anime classic To Heart 2.

Prepare at the Guild!
Whenever you stop for a respite from exploring, you can identify your new gear, reequip and restructure your team, or even upgrade your characters’ classes along branching paths!

Explore the Dungeon!
The Auto-Map function will fill in the grid with each step, letting you know where you are and where you’ve been. Be careful, though! Don’t try to go too far at once…

Battle & Collect Monsters!
The deeper you delve into the dungeon, the more dangerous the monsters will become. You’ll need tactics to counter each new threat—and what better way to get to know your foes than by weakening them and sealing them into your book for study?

Strategize and Win!
With every battle you’ll amass more gold, EXP, and items. It’s up to you whether to press on, or to head back outside to power up for later!


Takaaki’s childhood friend, one year younger, who lives next door.
She’s fond of fortune-telling and food and has a dog named Genjimaru.
Likes to look after people but isn’t much good at it.

One year older than Takaaki and Konomi, she was always the boss of their motley crew.
The heiress of an old family, skilled at cooking, cleaning, martial arts, and academia.
Her hobbies include antiques collecting and historical dramas. Very bad with dogs.

Takaaki’s classmate and class president. Formerly the class vice president.
As a big snacker, she’s turned a certain storage area into a secret tea room.
She isn’t very assertive, but has been friends with Yuma since middle school.

A girl who loves paranormal phenomena… and also egg sandwiches.
Blessed with boundless curiosity and energy, but doesn’t look before she leaps.
The founder and fearless leader of the Mystery Club. Join today!

Ruri Himeyuri’s older twin sister. One year under Takaaki.
A genius at computers and a major fan of red bean butter bread.
Lives at her own pace, doing what she wants, when she wants.

Sango Himeyuri’s younger twin sister. One year under Takaaki.
Emotional and unacademic, she practices jealousy and stubbornness as art forms.
On the other hand, she’s good at housework, and loves Sango more than anyone.

A girl who sees everything as a contest: You can win or lose, and she wants to win.
She’s constantly challenging Takaaki, but almost never comes out on top.
She must have been born under an unlucky star. Most things she does backfire.

A space alien from Planet Luu, the third planet orbiting 47 Ursae Majoris… or is she?
She’s certainly an odd girl, with her own language and the power to get drunk on soda.
Attends classes only when she feels like it, but no one seems to mind.

An old classmate of Takaaki’s who thinks everything “seems like fate.”
Never seen without the fancy notebook that she seems to carry everywhere.
Likes black tea, though it burns her tongue. Seems to be primarily nocturnal?

The student council president, formerly the vice president under Ma-ryan.
Afflicted by a strange condition that causes her body to reject food made with love.
An unabashed aficionado of soft and slimy animals.

Real name: Unknown. Age: 14 forever in her heart. Moonlights as a voice actress.
Even post-graduation, she comes and goes in the student council office like she owns the place.
The definition of a troublemaker. Full of mischief and mysteries.

A girl who transferred in one day and started calling Takaaki “Darling.”
Her true name is HMX-17b Milfa, and she was previously in the body of a teddy bear.
She’s always arguing with her little sister Silfa.

The youngest of the three maid sisters has a distinctive speech impediment.
With a phobia of human interaction, she hides in a cardboard box when she’s upset.
The maid uniform she always wears comes courtesy of Yuji.

Konomi’s close friend, nicknamed Yocchi.
She’s known Konomi since middle school and Michiru Yamada since kindergarten.
Bright and cheerful—and also weird and kind of nosy, but a good person at heart.

Konomi’s close friend, nicknamed Charu.
She’s known Konomi since middle school and Chie Yoshioka since kindergarten.
Normally collected and wryly witty, but her family’s work is weighing on her lately.

Manaka Komaki’s little sister. She normally uses a wheelchair.
Always worried about her sister’s trusting nature, she’s keeping a close eye
on Takaaki, whom her sister is fond of. Cynical and often bitingly sarcastic.

An innocent girl who loves Takaaki, or “Takky,” like a big brother.
She’s also more of a go-getter than you might expect: in the past,
she’s roped Takaaki and others into a quest to find a magic user.

Konomi’s mother, and a sort of second mother-figure to Takaaki.
She looks and acts considerably younger than she is and has a wealth of hobbies.
Specialties: Killer Curry, thorough discipline, and loving her husband.

A maid robot whom Milfa and Silfa can call their big sister.
Specially equipped by Sango with software that gives her a people-loving heart.
Normally she seems sweet and demure, but don’t make her angry!

ToHeart2 is one of AQUAPLUS‘ most recognizable titles in the visual novel community. Originally released for Playstation 2 consoles in 2004, it eventually got an adult version when it released for the PC in the following year. ToHeart2 serves as the the spiritual successor to Leaf‘s 1997 dating sim To Heart and shares the same setting with other AQUAPLUS titles such as White Album.

Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World is a dungeon crawler spinoff of ToHeart2 released in 2009. It features a fantasy setting with RPG elements where the game’s various heroines fight to return to their own world. The title is technically the first in the Dungeon Travelers series but is the latest to release in English. It also marks the first time a To Heart title will be available internationally.

For fans wondering about its connection to Dungeon Travelers 2 and 2-2, Shiravune explains in their Dungeon Travelers thread that their only connection is in the name and the game mechanics. Their stories are separate from each other and hence, either can serve as the entry points to the series.

Dungeon Travelers: To Heart 2 in Another World is available to purchase on Steam and Johren for only $19.99. Currently, the game is offering a -20% in price for those who decide to get the game early. This discount is available for Dungeon Travelers 2 and 2-2 as well. For more information on the series, you can follow Shiravune’s Twitter account.

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