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Love Does Not Equal Trust – Saikey Studios Releases Sweet Wife’s Affair

On December 8th Saikey Studios released their fan translation for the 2023 Atelier Sakura game Taninbou de Ikikurui Kairaku ni Oboreteiku Saiaizuma ~ Misetsukerareta Kairaku ni Zecchou Suru Tsuma no Chitai which they called Sweet Wife’s Affair – Mind Lost in Pleasure.

The game was written by Namori Nakamori and has illustrations from the illustrious Ryuushou Ayakaze


The main character, Tsukayama Kazumi, had a beloved wife, Tsukayama Wakana.
Kazumi, who belonged to a circle for spear purposes in college and played with women,
After he met Wakana, he quit clubs and playing with women, and continued to love only her.

However, several years have passed since he married Wakana and he was living a happy life.
He sees news that the circle he once belonged to caused sexual troubles with several women.
At that time, Kazumi was already estranged from the circle, but he was afraid of what he would think if his wife found out about his past.

One day, when Kazumi was spending such days, Toshio, who was an acquaintance from college, appeared in front of Kazumi.
He tells Kazumi that he knows that Kazumi belonged to that circle, and hands him a USB memory stick.

The file that was there showed an old Wakana and Toshio hugging each other.
When questioned, Toshio admits that he used to date Wakana.
The fact that the man appeared in front of her just now resented him for stealing Wakana, and she is wary of him, thinking that he has come for revenge.
And something was gradually changing around Kazumi.

If you’re interested in the game, you can purchase it through DLsite and then purchase the patch from Saikey Studios’ Patreon.

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