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JAST releases Goblins on the March: Breed All Humans! in English!

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On the 29th of December 2023, popular visual novel localization company JAST USA released the 2022 collaborative work between two Space Project brands, CHAOS-R and FREAK STRIKE, known originally as “Shingun Goblin Gundan ~Jinrui-sou Naedoko-ka Sakusen~

JAST released the game under the name “Goblins on the March: Breed All Humans!” The game was directed by Amakakeru Inu renowned for his direction on SPEEDs “Kansen” series. The art for the game was done by three people, the most prolific of which being Kinmedai Pink known for his work with BISHOP and LiLiM. The other two artists were Isenoya Jin and Nikusho.

You can buy the game here!


An ordinary man is hit by a truck, and as often happens in these situations, awakens in a fantasy world. One catch; he’s a goblin now! Two rival clans, each run by a pair of beautiful women, rule the continent; naturally, he decides to team up with his kinky goblin fetishest friend to take over the country with an army of goblin children! But where do those goblin children come from? Well, the title says it all; interspecies breeding! The more of the leaders that are captured and impregnated, the more soldiers they produce for the grand goblin conquest!

And don’t forget the five sexy nature spirits who are happy to empower the protagonist and his soldiers… all they ask in return is a little taste of goblin meat for themselves!


  • Five Heroines to breed to your heart’s content!
  • Turn-based combat!
  • A whole lot of H Scenes!
  • Lots and lots of goblins!

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