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Famous Netori Title in English!—Tsuma Netori Patch Released!

On December 22nd, famous translator of Infini Brain branded games known as Rattan Man Translations released his English patch for the long-awaited netori known as “Tsuma Netori” which already received multiple anime adaptations before. This game was already coming for a long while and Rattan Man Translations had given updates on the translation’s state religiously via his Twitter account and blog since the first project announcement on the 12th of March 2023.

Tsuma Netori is a 2013 title from Infini Brain’s “Black Lilith” label directed by the now retired EDEN and Mijou Suu. It also features very supple and well-illustrated CG’s and sprites from the popular artist ZOL.

You can grab the patch on Rattan Man’s blog, and you should buy the game here!

The description from DL Site English is as follows:

This is a netori story in the present day. Various sexual disciplines are being taught in the school. Two types of training: disciplinary confinement and assault.

The former focuses on torture-like acts, and the latter on the demonic initiations to the pleasure.

Trying to protect her family, Makoto keeps silent about her fate being forced to undergo various sexual assaults. And after successive merciless training sessions, she faces the truth…

Happy (late) Cuckmas!!

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