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Harem in Another World!?—Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk Released!

On November 30th popular localization company Cherry Kiss Games dropped a new release, this of course being “Ero Item de Haramase Harem Seikatsu ~Isekai no Kyonyuu Mesu-tachi o Niku Onaho Ni!~” a 2023 game from Miel.

The game was humourously translated to “Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk” and is on sale on Steam for $11.99 USD. As usual, the game will be released in other alternative stores as well.

The game features stunning erotic art from the other of Miel’s prolific artists, that being Ishii Akira this time.

The synopsis reads as such:

After being summoned to another world and being found lacking in certain “heroic qualities” your hopes of having a harem are dashed when, instead of getting an OP ability to save the world, the power the goddess awoke within you was: “magic item creation”. While it’s kind of handy, it isn’t exactly the most useful for combat, so you aren’t about to go battling monsters and sweeping princesses off their feet.

Who wants to be stuck in town peddling wares like some kind of NPC when day in and day out all sorts of fantasy babes are strutting up and down the streets in those skimpy outfits! With a little creative crafting you’ll be set with all the magical tools you need to bring these women onto their knees. Magic lube, slime traps, leashes and more, oh my!

Steam Description

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