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Become a True Man! — FanTL Released for Alicesoft’s Only You -Re Cross-

A new FanTL patch just dropped for Alice Soft’s 2001 remake of the 1996 simulation combat RPG Only You -Re Cross-. Information about the patch (including download links) is available on the AliceSoftWiki.

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Only You -Re Cross- is a remake of the 1996 Only You -Seikimatsu no Juliette-tachi-, which was only available via mail order to members of a specific group in Japan and not sold in stores. An all-ages version was released for the PS2 in 2002 alongside an audio drama. The game combines visual novel elements with an RPG filled with map-moving and combat.

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The staff involved is the following:

ArtistMutsumi Masato
VocalsKOTOKO Insert song “Crossed Destiny”
OthersPoint Pictures PS2 version animation and graphics
If you’re interested in an interview with the staff of this game, you will find a translation here.
My name is Tiger Joe. I am the "facilitator" of this corner.
Let me start by saying a few words about "Only you"!

It is not a "Pure Love" game!
It is a game about transforming ordinary men into True Men!

Yuuji Magami is a member of the Houou Academy martial arts club. He trains hard every day, supported by his adorable younger sister Megumi, his childhood friend Akizuki, his underclassman Misaki, and his best friend Wakato.

One day, however, his daily life changes dramatically after the mysterious Brand of Doom appears on his right arm. From that day forward, he is targeted by a group of assassins dispatched from all over the world as the being who will bring ruin to the world.

Yuuji wails in sorrow over the loss of his loved ones. His sorrow turns to anger and hate, and he vows to fight against his cruel fate.

Eight girls appear before him.

As their fates intertwine, Yuuji comes to know his one true love...

— AliceSoftWiki

(Translated from the game’s official page in Japanese.)

Magami Yuuji

The protagonist of this story.
A hard-edged, hot-blooded man who belongs to the Houou Academy Fighting Club. A master of the Senma Ryu Jin’ou School and the winner of the previous year’s National Student Martial Arts Championship.

If there is someone in need, he can’t help but extend a helping hand. He is always serious about his life. He strives daily to achieve his goal as a master of martial arts with his older brother, who is also a martial arts master.

His favorite food is meat and potatoes.

Akizuki Mayu
VA: Kawasumi Ayako

The protagonist’s childhood friend who works as a manager of the fighting club. She enjoys cooking and housework.

She has a caring personality and is attentive to details.
Her dream is to become a lovely bride, which is quite unusual for a girl nowadays, but she’s still timid about love.

Sometimes, she says a bad pun, which makes her best friend, Karuizawa, beat her with a harisen (a stick).

Kagamimori Moegi
VA: Takahashi Miki

A miko of Kagamimori-jinja Shrine. Her hobby is collecting mail-order goods. Her favorite food is mugwort rice cakes.

She is a natural idiot, and she sometimes has trouble holding a proper conversation. She often sleeps standing up, but there seems to be a deeper reason for this.

Kakitsubata Ayame
VA: Toyoshima Machiko

A quiet and gentle girl who is weak-minded and cannot say what is on her mind. She is blind due to an illness she suffered from when she was a child.

She is an unhappy girl in many ways.

Karuizawa Narumi
VA: Maeda Ai

She transferred from Osaka about a year ago. She lives for her Tsukkomi and is planning to make her best friend, Akizuki, her comic partner.

Her weapon is a harisen. She has a friendly personality, and her hobby is mountain biking. She is also the president of a cycling club.

Karasuma Ragou

A member of the Senma-ryu Shin’ou school who has overwhelming strength.

For a certain purpose, he aims at the hero’s life.

Magami Megumi

The protagonist’s younger sister. She’s totally in love with him.

She is a firm person, but she acts like a spoiled child in front of the protagonist.

Mucha Karenina
VA: Nishihara Kumiko

A mysterious girl, her words and actions are quite out of the ordinary. She can’t fly at Mach 15, can’t drill through ground, nor can she dive to a depth of 10,000 meters. She seems to be very annoyed about that.

Her hobby is collecting all kinds of things from all over the place, even collecting some dangerous things.

Nitou Misaki
VA: Arishima Moyu

She is the junior student of the protagonist and member of the fighting club. Her martial arts skills are top class, and she is the successor of Nito-ryu jujutsu.

His father has already passed away.

She has a cheerful and brave personality, and is well-liked by her peers. Her favorite food is anpan (buns).

Her favorite animal is a cat. She casually turns into a cat when she makes fun of people. Maybe she was a cat in her previous life.

Rin Reiran
VA: Tamura Yukari

Head of the Suzu family, which controls all of China’s assassination organizations. Her characteristic is self-conceit.

She is invincible, with her partner, Garm, are active in the dark. She appears before the protagonist in order to eliminate the owner of the Brand of Doom.

Tendou Raimu
VA: Orikasa Fumiko

A girl genius who enjoys inventing things. For this reason, she is often tormented. Her parents died in an accident and she now lives alone.

She wears big glasses, and is currently developing a Prickly Ash-shaped robot named San-chan.

She is also interested in the protagonist’s Brand of Doom.

Tiger Joe

A true man with a tiger’s head.

When the protagonist is about to go astray, he suddenly appears, slams his hot fist into his face alongside some advice, then leaves.

Thank you, Tiger Joe.

Wakato Jun

The protagonist’s best friend and member of the fighting club. His martial arts skills are on par with those of his friends.

He pretends to be a playful person, but he is serious at heart. His hobby is collecting information on girls.
It is said that he secretly collects erotic videos.


The official mascot of Alice Soft. A polite young girl who often communicates with the player as a medium in some Alice Soft games. She sometimes represents marketing upcoming Alice Soft games in trailers and advertisements.

She is accompanied by her pet black crow, Yukichi.

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