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Go for a Punch! Saki Sanobashi Releases on Steam

Warning: The content below includes graphic depictions of death and sounds of violence that may be unsettling for some viewers, as well as content surrounding the trivialization of suicide. Viewer discretion is advised.

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On September 14th, Solsticend released Go for a Punch! Saki Sanobashi, a macabre and unnerving tale not for the faint of heart that is well known by the /x/ board on 4chan. While the Paranormal board is full of users who dwell on the mysteries of the unknown, the history of this particular tale is quite interesting.

The game is based on a post written by an anonymous user back in 2015 describing watching an old, obscure 80s anime OVA supposedly called “Go for a Punch.” The post described an anime about “Naked girls stuck in a large bathroom without doors, having a philosophical debate about never getting out of the room. After losing hope and starving for some days, everything goes downhill.” (Here’s a post on Twitter/X with an image of the original 4chan post.)

This game explores this plot and adds several twists, while presenting its story in a retro style that seems to reflect the feeling of something missing. Quite dark indeed. Definitely another entry for the Lost Media Wiki.

If you’re interested in checking Go for a Punch! out, the game is available on Steam at a discount ($5.99) until September 21st. If you’d like to follow Solsticend, check out their Twitter/X!

Features (From the Steam page)

- Over 20 different backgrounds.
- 20 original soundtracks.
- Immersive sound effects.
- All characters are animated (blink).
- Detailed deaths.
- Your last words are stored and uploaded to Twitter/X.
- Interactive visual novel.
- Mini-game.
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Innogrey fan here, besides horror and yuri be my passion. Oh also mechs, they are pretty cool. Guess I tend to stick with those things, but that does not mean I'm closing any door to whatever sparks my interest. If it shows impressive writing, I'm all for it.

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