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Visual Novel Translation Status (09/24/2016)

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Written by Tay

This week’s header image comes from the five full releases this week (note: the Anniversary no Kuni no Alice team released a partial patch, too; link): Dead End Junction (Buy Here)Guilty Crown Lost Christmas (Patch Here)Harmonia (Buy Here); Sakura Maid (Buy Here); Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters: Daybreak Special Gigs World Tour (on PS4 and Vita).

Hey everybody. It’s been a tough week for me. Life’s handed me a lot of metaphorical lemons, if you know what I mean. Any of you have an epically terrible week? Has your life changed forever as a result of this last week? Well, I’m with you, and together we need to boot up the mature defense mechanisms to get through. Like humor. When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade! Make life take the lemons back. Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons! What am I supposed to do with these?


Anyway! Welcome to our weekly VNTS (Visual Novel Translation Status) series, in which we track visual novel translation updates in-house (we don’t rely on /jp/ posts on 4ch, for example) and post it for your enlightenment and enjoyment each Saturday. If you find any errors, or you think a project is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments.

The Short Version: Only the New Stuff

New Releases!

All the Game Updates:

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— Commentary Section —

Zakabox™ Commentary

「… Will Zaka appear this week? Has be been eaten by a hungry lemur? Stay tuned to find out.」

Decay’s Musings

Hey all. Anime Weekend Atlanta is just a week away,  and as usual there will be panels hosted by most of the major VN companies with several new announcements. MangaGamer, Sekai Project, and Denpasoft will all be there. That’s right, there’s a separate Denpasoft panel this time around. Who wants to speculate with me?

Starting with MangaGamer, we know from their announcements hub that there were to be three announcements at AWA, with one being from a new partner. However, things got weird a few weeks ago when MG preemptively announced their new partner and the game (Tay’s favorite), Please Bang My Wife. Seems like they had to move its release up the schedule for whatever reason (to make way for Himawari? Please??). This leaves us with one announced nukige, and two unannounced things from existing partners.

In order to help me think about the possibilities, I spent a few minutes sorting through every Japanese company MangaGamer has ever partnered with. I was originally doing this as prep for a possible podcast this week, but that didn’t happen so I’ll just drop it here because why not? I go over every company and why they probably won’t have an announcement, and was left with three “most plausible” outcomes and a bunch of less likely but definitely still possible outcomes, none of which would leave me surprised if they happened.

Now, there are a LOT of possibilities here. The “most likely” possibility is still only in the single digits or very low double digits percent chance of happening, just due to the sheer volume of plausible possibilities. I’ll still share the three I think are at the top of the list, however: Sengoku Koihime, Room No. 9, and Otoboku 2. I feel like MG will return to the Koihime franchise at some point, but something tells me it won’t be Koihime Musou or related titles, as many of them are simply too old and SKM is still insanely massive, with a fan translation that’s admittedly a little shaky. All that said, Sengoku seems like a great place to jump in once again if they do return. Otoboku 2 has received a large amount of praise and is generally considered to be way better than the first in almost every way. Not to mention that it’s around time to announce a new title from the Hobibox family of brands, which Otoboku 2 was published under. And I think Room No. 9 might be likely because MG will want to do another BL title soon since NTY was such a big success for them, and what better title is there than the next one from the same devs? It’s still a week away from release, but MG has had a very good relationship with Clock Up/Parade and NTY sold very well here, so I think it’s definitely plausible that they’d let MG have a head start on their next project.

As for Sekai Project, you got me man. I can never guess what they’re up to. It’s especially interesting how they’re splitting Denpasoft off to their own panel. It seems like they’re finally doing something about the criticisms leveled against them regarding the postponement of promised 18+ announcements and discussion at their panels. I wouldn’t expect the world from this panel, some of the 18+ announcements people want most don’t seem particularly likely to happen right now, but I hope this is another strong and permanent step towards taking their fans of adult content seriously. Just, you know, you can’t blame me if I’m still a little skeptical after the repeated blueballs this summer, can you?

Anywho, if you care about this kind of thing, we’re definitely planning a podcast for next week’s VNTS where we’ll talk about the con and other recent events and releases. And considering the panels will be on a October 1st, a Saturday, our next VNTS post will be pushed back a day to accommodate. Expect it Sunday afternoon. Until then, give us your thoughts on what you think we’ll see at AWA! Will MG amaze us with those two lonely looking slots? Will SP/Denpasoft finally deliver the 18+ goods now that they’re dedicating an entire hour-long panel to it?


TAYsteful™ Thoughts

Have a good week, everybody!

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  • those titles that were sold for the license (especially referring to subahibi and little busters) what happened to them?are they retranslating the WHOLE thing which it took about 5 years the first time?

  • Thanks for making new VNTS posts every week. I am always looking forward to them.

    That said, is there any reason why Sonicomi is still in the tables after three months while Flowers (from JAST too) should have been removed (and still isn´t, BTW) after one month only?

    • I’m usually the one doing the JAST tables, so this is on me. JAST’s update page (check it out if you haven’t done so, recently — link is at the top of their game table) can have long tails for particular games, even after release, and I keep games on the list depending on user interest and “clicks” from VNTS to the JAST titles. I treat their table a bit differently from the other tables, admittedly, but for the most part it’s because of the interesting way they track updates for certain titles.

      • Thanks for your answer. I also wanted to say that your header image seems to have incorrect datum (at least I see 09/17/16 instead of 09/24/16).

    • Sorry, but no. VisualArts has been very quiet with regards to that project, just like they were with Tomyo After. I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on.

  • Lilithsoft seems unlikely as MG hasn’t licensed a new game from them for a while. It’s possible that either Lilith doesn’t want to give new games to MG or MG doesn’t want new games from Lilith due to not enough sales or such.

    A second Alicesoft announcement would be great. I’m hoping for Escalayer. Liarsoft also has the sheer number and variety of VNs to warrant a second license, though AS non-Rance games are probably more popular than LS non-Steampunk VNs.

  • I hope you are right about Sengoku Koihime or Otoboku 2. I’d like to see them both released and MangaGamer hadn’t done anything with those companies for a while.

    Congratulations on winning the Please Bang My Wife battle.

  • Let’s hope for some Sonohana 11 from MG since Railen try to sell them the translation, i might not be surprised if it do happen has an announcement.

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