Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate – two routes done, any interest in reviving this project?

Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_015Magicflier is looking for interested translators or hackers to revive a half-done translation of Koitate in this thread.

“I looked into why this project was discontinued, but what I found were some unreasonable demands. They have the right [read: privilege] to stop a fan’s modification of their products that crosses the line of copyright, but telling the VL Translation Team to cease simple translation because they don’t want their products to be used outside of Japan in some other language contradicts with what they are selling to buyers on Play-Asia. The chinese translation of KoiTate was complete in the process? I haven’t confirmed it but they completed it on the same year the english translation was discontinued.”

“I want to ask anyone who can (a hacker) extract the text (+other required things too?) for me from the visual novel, and fill me in on the details related to that; a translator who wants to translate the rest of the routes (maybe more than one); and a translation checker to help me with the parts that are already completely translated.
I’m planning to be the only editor, and checker so far, and want to get this all sorted out first, since this is the first time I’m starting a TL project.”

2013-09-13 15_23_50-[AXL] Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate The latest patch released contains the translation of:
-the prologue (100%)
-the common route leading to Yukino’s and Ren’s routes
-Yukino’s route (100%)
-Ren’s route (100%)

-and a few more scenes of other heroines during the common route.

Probably, the common route as a whole is about 60-70% done.
The routes left untranslated are Yuuri’s route, Marina’s route, and Setsuko’s route. (3 routes left)
– Magicflier

Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_035Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_319 Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_304Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_122 Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_039Koisuru_Otome_to_Shugo_no_Tate_221

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