Dangan Ronpa Team: “The sequel will be made playable in English some time in the future”

Ci There’s an update post on Project Zetsubou (the fan translation team who released number one). I figured they might not be doing the sequel anymore since NISA picked up the first game, but they spoke to someone from NISA (Houk), and now there is a statement. Here is the statement:

Super Danganronpa 2: (after speaking to NISA)
“All we can say about this is that the game will be made playable in English at some point in time. If NIS America announces plans to release it, then we won’t do it. If they don’t, well… just buy the Vita release of the first game and make sure it doesn’t come to that.” [via project zetsubou]

They don’t really say anything concrete, but the way I interpret it is that, they’re going to wait, with an inkling that it will picked up in years time if NISA doesn’t. They’ll still do the prequel novel and the drama CDs.

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  • Hopefully it doesn’t take a year before the translation team decides to actually start translating the game! It’s great we may eventually get the 2nd game to some capacity, but knowing the severity of the wait makes me hate NISA is touching Dangan Ronpa in the first place.

  • Patience is a virtue, but to me it’d be better to see NISA release it even if it means waiting longer. This means the game is getting the attention it deserves in terms of sales (although Nippon Ichi never really dropped a game before if I recall correctly, so sales might have nothing to do with it).

  • You can find the download links for the complete Danganronpa Zero here:

    the other novels are also available there ^

    Danganronpa IF: The Button of Hope and the Tragic Warriors of Despair
    Danganronpa – Makoto Naegi’s Worst Day Ever
    Danganronpa Zero (Up) Vol. 1 ダンガンロンパゼロ(上)
    Danganronpa Zero (Down) Vol. 2 ダンガンロンパゼロ(下)

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