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Yuru Yuri Volume 10 is Out!!!

Yuru Yuri Volume 10 is Out!!!
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Kyouko is MINE!

Namori is not only just a genius artist, she’s also a genius comedy writer. Although not all the jokes are consistently funny, especially the Chinatsu and Akari jokes which are often replays of old running jokes, Kyouko is always funny, and some of the side characters are pretty good too (like the speechless council president). The anime to me is …alright……… its job was to bring people into the manga and I hope it did well there. Definitely picking up this volume to accompany my other 9. For people who wait for scanlations, it looks like Bakkin Translations is the group to keep an eye on.

103 106 113 “Hai konnichiwa~ it’s Kyouko-chan’s cooking time desu!”


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10 years ago

Sorry, you can’t have Kyouko.