Starry Sky ~After Spring~ Fan Translation Recruiting Translators

38977 Hey is looking for more translators for Starry Sky ~After Spring~ []. Anyone interested? This is the sequel story to the original Starry Sky ~In Spring~ which HAS been translated.
»>We are still looking for more TRANSLATORS, so help us if you can :D«< (Proofreaders are enough for now)
We’re translating Starry Sky ~ After Spring ~(which means you’ll get to see more Yoh, Kanata and Suzuya. Yay!..again…) We WILL translate Starry Sky ~ In Summer ~ (and maybe move on to the rest of the series? Or other titles…) WHEN we finish After Spring. (it’s going well like I’ve said above) Which is, 99.9% it will happen?

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