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Oretsuba Port to PS3 Announced – one new heroine

Oretsuba coming to PS3. They’re adding new heroine, called 林田美咲 (who appeared in Prelude), some of the contents from the fandisc are going to be in this version. it’s basically Oretsuba R version (the all-ages version which comes out in June) but slightly more content (?). Publisher is 5pb. No release date yet. (Also that pic above look slightly different to Aoi Nishimata style?)

Some screenshots:


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10 years ago

First picture actually IS by Nishimata Aoi, she recently changed her drawing style.

9 years ago

[…] posted about it almost a full year ago, and now it is finally released.  As we stated a while back the PS3 and PS Vita version of […]