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Eroge release calendar May 2013 [via erogetrailers]

And follow this link to see all May releases: [erogetrailers.com]

I see Grisaia no Rakuen (グリザイアの楽園)
お嬢様はご機嫌ナナメ (Ensemble – good)
Polyphonica 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ F (is this a what? this franchise still going?)
執事が姫を選ぶとき (Peasoft)
3人いる! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~ (riffraff)
D.C.III R ~ダ・カーポIIIアール~X-rated (got delayed)
Magical Charming! (makura)
レミニセンス Reminscence (Tigre Soft – looking forward to this)
シロガネオトメ Shirogane Otome (MANATSU_8)
ANOTHER Hanabira.
月あかりランチ Tsukiakari Lunch (EX-ONE)

Much better than April imo.

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  • Hi there, I was hoping someone could help me out with finding a certain eroge vn, I saw the trailer for it the other day from the developers hp, and the in-game animation was just beautiful.

    If I remember correctly, the pv is set in a school/mansion (outside), and the characters (at least most of them), have elf ears, and they’re wearing possibly red, high-class school uniforms too. I think the release date was either May, June or July this year.

    If anyone can help me out, that would be very much appreciated, thank you ^^

  • Ah ok :/ if it helps, all of the PV was in game, and they were talking randomly and near the end, they reveal the title, after 3 days of searching, I can’t find it at all. If il you do come across it, I’d appreciate it very much if you could let me know ^^.

    Also, I had a look at the eroge trailers site and checked from May to July, and you don’t have it listed. I’m definitely sure the release date was 6/27, so I hope that makes it easier to find it, thank you ^^

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