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Clannad 10th Anniversary Drawing Contest held by Pixiv and Key

clannad They’re doing a 10th anniversary of Clannad, a joint between Pixiv and Key. You have to draw pictures of Clannad characters in any size, (preferably in A4 size ratio), and then tag it with: CLANNADイラコン and you are automatically entered into the contest.

To celebrate romantic visual novel CLANNAD’s 10th anniversary, we’re offering an official illustration contest starting Friday, April 26th!

【Contest Period】
Friday, April 26th 2013 to Monday, May 27th 2013 23:59 Japan Standard Time

【How to Enter】
(1) Draw a character or characters from CLANNAD.
(2) Upload it to pixiv with the red illustration tag below.
Illustration Tag: CLANNADイラコン

【Submission Format】
There are no size restrictions.
However, winning entries will need to submit a A4 sized (210mm×297mm / vertical) uncompressed file with at least 350 DPI file.

Winners will:
– Get their illustration featured in the CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Artbook
– Get an Official Key Thank You Card
– Be rewarded with a CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Artbook
– Get 3,000 yen (About $30 USD)
– Have their illustration featured at the CLANNAD 10th Anniversary Illustration Exhibition

Full Instructions here: []
Speaking of which, the drawings submission deadline for is April 27th, so even if you miss out on the English one, you could possibly submit to this one XD.


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10 years ago

Aww, I just finished my sumbission a few days ago, and I’m pretty exhausted from work to make a new drawing for the Clannad anniversary ;_; good luck to the participants >o<