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Love Academy–Otome game in English now available for free on Android! (soon iPhone)

Just noticed Koi☆Gakuen or 恋☆学園 or Love Academy came out for Android devices. Actually, it came out a month ago (11th of September) and it is being described as a dating stimulation game where the choices you make develop the storyline. Your goal is to your boyfriend fall for you and have your dream date by choosing the right options. Also there be many, quote, “many images of those sweet and “dangerous” scenes!”

The game is available in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese For Free.
The catch is that there is an Energy Level system (KOYON) which depletes as you play the game and you get up to 20 KOYON per night. The other option is you can pay for KOYON in the in-app store.

Homepage: [] Google Play: []

The iPhone version it says will be coming in October 2012.




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