Let’s Play D.C.III

[youtube]Probably lots of people haven’t experienced D.C.III before (and then there are some who just flat out refuse to play it because it’s non-ero), the above is a sample clip of how it plays. [Note: Skip to 2:20~ to see hadaka apron.]

CIRCUS Homepage, Wikipedia,,, mimithro’s youtube

“He left it on the default auto-play speed?? Who READS at that speed”

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  • Ugh, seriously? The H in the first game was badly timed, awkward, and creepy, doing nothing but effectively destroying the flow of the story. The only reason I’ve yet to read the second one is because of it. I’m glad they went this route for the third game and am really looking forward to it!

    • I agree that the H was for the most (all) part skippable, but I don’t remember it being nearly so bad either. It’s not like the scenes were in the middle of dramatic scenes or something.

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