20 Questions for Visual Novel/Eroge Bloggers

event_sk00b I am working on a list of questions for visual novel/eroge bloggers. Make some suggestions to the list, or blog about (any of) them if you want.

1. Who is your favourite female visual novel character?
2. Who is your favourite male visual novel character?
2. Which character is the cutest? *NEW*
3. Which character is the hottest? *NEW*
4. What is your favourite visual novel soundtrack (or song)?
5. Which is your favourite visual novel opening animation?
6. What is your favourite scene in a visual novel?
7. What qualities in a VN character do you gravitate most towards?
8. Which character in a VN is most similar to you in terms of personality?
9. Who is your favourite VN Artist?
10. Who is your favourite VN writer?
11. What is your favourite thing about visual novel/eroge?
12. What is one thing you would eliminate from all VNs to make them more perfect?
13. Do you think you’ll ever stop playing VNs?
14. Are you open about the fact that you play VNs with people you know?
15. Which visual novel was the biggest let down for you?
16. Name one VN nobody-has-played that you would recommend for others.
17. …

20 is too many…
feel free to add or omit or answer just a few or one, or none. Anything goes.

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