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Fansubbed clips from Dracu-riot & HatsuSaku (we're looking for a hacker!)

These clips have been fansubbed by WtFrostyCakes (aka Bulz33b on youtube). In the future we’re going to do short clips like these on Fuwanovel to drive up demand, which come into play especially during POLLs. Enjoy~

“Copying is an inherently social activity” 
“Copying between two people is social. When I make a copy for you, it carries with it a little bit of reputation capital, a little bit of recommendation, a little bit of “you might want to try this, it meant something to me”, but it can mean something more forceful than that. It can mean something as forceful as what happened to the Secrets of Ya-ya Sisterhood where women who had read the book and had their lives transformed grabbed their friends by the collar and said “Read this now it changed my life!!!”.

This is how media sells. This is how media spreads. The more copyable a media is, the easier it is to socially evangelise it. And that means the internet is great news for creators and authors.”

– Cory Doctorow, editor at Boing Boing, author, journalist & activist.

[youtube]Miu from Dracu-riot.(link is NSFW) [change captions to Yellow on Black in order to read English. Click on CC > Settings… > Aa (yellow one)] [youtube]More Miu from Dracu-riot.

[youtube]Elina from Dracu-riot.

[youtube]Sakura on Valentine’s Day from Hatsuyuki Sakura.(NSFW)

Staircasesubs is looking for a hacker to work out text extraction and re-insertion for DRACU-RIOT! (uses kirikiri2 engine)

If you can help or you know someone else who can, please send them to #staircasesubs IRC channel on Rizon,
OR EMAIL Enquiries: [email protected]
OR REPLY at Gemot:

“thank you.”


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