Demo Analysis: My Alien Roommate—The Subjectivity of Art

Recently, I’ve played a good visual novel. This satisfaction is such a great feeling, isn’t it?It’s just a demo (only a fifth of the game), but it nevertheless managed to…

O2A2 2023 – VN Jam Game Report #2

Let's take a look at more short EVNs!

Dual Chroma cover art
Review: Dual Chroma (Demo) — An Awe-Inspiring Fantasy

Where will your path take you in Dual Chroma?

O2A2 2023—VN Jam Game Report #1

O2A2 VN Jam's bite-sized entries are the perfect treat for those looking for something quick to play.

Review: VIDEOVERSE—A Nostalgic Trip to the old Internet

Introduction VIDEOVERSE is an online network simulation-themed visual novel from Kinmoku that was released today, on August 7th 2023, on Steam and Itchio. After three years of development, VIDEOVERSE is…

Review: Synesthesia—A Thrilling Adventure and an Endless Tragedy

A mix of gameplay and mystery, in equilibrium.

Review: Garden of Roses: Summerset—Monster Girls Galore!

Let's take a look at Garden of Roses by Outis Media!

Review: Dicentra (Demo)—Beautifully Terrifying

Now, let us enter this eerily beautiful mansion...

Review: Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue—First Impressions (Demo)

Inescapable: No Rules, No Rescue is a horror visual novel in development. Currently, only a demo is available, and no release date for the full game has been announced.

A Look at Catgirl VN OmOneko

Any long-term fan of visual novels and other aspects of Japanese popular culture knows that catgirls are a staple trope. For example, catgirls are the main attraction in the Nekopara…