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『Suiheisen made Nan Mile? -ORIGINAL FLIGHT-』 PSP Port 12th December Release

Alchemist is porting 「Suiheisen no nan Mile」 to the PSP.
The Artwork in this game is done by Kurehito Misaki (i.e. it’s absolutely god-like!)
Also it looks like it will have all the contents of the original game + one of the charas from the Fan Disc (but not the After Stories on the fan disc), + a brand new character route! Meet Kashii Masumi.

Kashii Masumi 香椎真澄(かしい ますみ)
has the following assortment of attributes:
– 2nd year transfer student
– Shy around people
– Wants to go to space

 (no u cannot have sex with her. it’s 17+  game)


Some PSP Screenshots:
There’s no way that puny PSP screen will do Misaki Kurehito’s drawings any justice…


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11 years ago

I hope i can play this game,, it’s seems this game is pretty fun =D