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「NakaHito」 –an eroge about eroge— (…bcuz WtFrostyCakes was all over this)

tokyo-hero-project-eroge-pre-release-001 Lifted directly from Seven does a range of Eroge articles from time to time: [], definitely worth checking out. I should write him a love letter just bcuz. (Hey! There ain’t that many ppl who blog on VNs in English! I get lonely!)

Important: Please check out Wtfcakes’ Youtube Channel full of subtitled clips from eroge you’ve never heard of — including NakaHito (Alcot).

A trial has been released for an upcoming eroge based around the entire science of eroges, the “Tokyo Hero Project” – and with that, a few more significant details are learned of the characters, like pantsu color.

As the game is now available for demo, one can experience an early sampling of the exquisitely inappropriate adventure – and doing so does seem rather worthwhile as one of the first facets encountered upon starting the trial is the blonde haired loli main heroine. Upon meeting her, one will see the sight immediately below – her sadistic dominatrix fetish side, and do also note the sight of her white cotton pantsu. Yet even though she puts up such a frighteningly adorable front, as one continues, they will see she’s no more than a typical cuddly loli character.

And like many a reputable loli, she has tsundere tendencies as well – an aspect certainly satisfying in the visually gratifying facial expressions which stem as a subsequent result.

The splendor is not limited to lolis either, the redheaded bishoujo is also quite a potent force for those who take preference in chests which aren’t flat – and indeed, the bishoujo’s collection of visages are all quite favorable to glare at, as are her legs, or whenever one may hold their fetishes. The Tokyo Hero Project has some ravishing artwork and character designs indeed, and one will definitely have no trouble seeing that themselves.

In addition to the trial, there also comes a fresh promotional clip, alongside a stack of pre-release imagery – all of which, aside from revealing a few more pantsu colors, also go to solidify the fact that this eroge appears to be an exceptional entry into the universe of erotic gaming.

Tokyo Hero Project debuts at the end of the month, August 31st – and with all manner of chest preference and otherwise being offered by this eroge, there’s little reason to pass it up.

I am awesomely ill and I’m spamming panadol so I can play games while my paid server just rots when it’s supposed to be serving eroge in english.


I'm the Fuwanovel community admin and a big fan of Visual Novels. The easiest way to get a hold of me is via a PM on the Fuwanovel Forums, by twitter (@ArchmageTay), or by email.

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11 years ago

That description actually doesn’t do the game (trial) justice at all! (・∀・)
11 years ago

Important: Please check out Wtfcakes’ Youtube Channel full of subtitled clips from eroge you’ve never heard of


「NakaHito」 –an eroge about eroge—

an eroge about eroge

Wow, at least play the trial or ask Cakes to explain it to you, both Seven and you have no friggin’ idea what you are talking about. Stop being lazy and do your own research, since you should know enough Japanese to play the trial on your own anyway.

11 years ago

i mean, theyre so bizarre, these commenters….. to me they speak like theyre from a different planet

11 years ago

Maybe it’s because you’re quoting someone who obviously knows nothing about the game in question and is making shit up to get hits?

If you’d read the trail at all or if the person you’d quoted did then you’d know that it has nothing to do with “the science of eroge.” It’s a tokusatsu parody about people with super powers, government sponsored vigilantism, and people who dress up in Kigurumi and pretend to be evil villians.

Hell even reading the somewhat vague vndb description would net you a better understanding that the shit you just mentioned. So maybe you shouldn’t blindly link anything that random people blog about just because they’re mentioning eroge when they don’t even know what the hell they’re talking about.

11 years ago

my point just got proven.

11 years ago

Right, sorry that people get mad at you spreading misinformation, while completely ignoring the facts that are being stated to you and acting all high and might about people being “rude” when they call you out on not knowing what you’re talking about and not checking your sources in the least.

11 years ago

>Tags: Nakaimo


11 years ago

u see
i dont understand why this is something that needs to be ‘called out’ on or ‘get mad’ at or ‘source checked’ or ‘spreading of misinformation’ and then now im accidentally being interpreted as “rude” (or that I needed to be interpreted so in the first place).

It’s a plug.

To post this, I used the same mental power as it takes to press Like on facebook, Retweet on twitter or Reblog on tumblr. For me this is a social activity. I found some cool pictures so I shared it. Hence this post. Nothing wrong with that. I am plugging Seven at the same time. If he notices, that’s cool. If he doesn’t, that’s cool too. Me sharing his work is a gift and an act of socialization. no reciprocation necessary of course. In this example, I noticed he likes the same stuff I like, so it’d be cool if we chit-chat about the latest games so i can get an opinion of what he likes and what’s cool. But instead of IRC or a message board, we are In blog form. It means we bounce off each other’s posts and make subsequent posts, the information transforms, it triggers other pieces of information to fire, and the resulting piece is something that is greater than the original (assuming that it gets that far)
This is how it works. We are engaging in culture and culture is a social activity.

Notice it _STILL IS_ “VN News for fans”. They are VN-related items.

there are times when maybe I’ll write a more important piece that deserves the attention to integrity and when that happens, it will be obvious. But This is not one of those pieces.

Everything has a context.

11 years ago

“VN News for fans”, you say? These can’t be proper “news” if they are wrong, Aaeru. We are simply telling you that your news are wrong. Nobody is even calling you “rude”.

You are quoting Seven, who got almost everything wrong about this VN, since this isn’t even “an eroge about eroge” in the first place (dunno where the heck he got that impression from, it’s like he’s reviewing based on PVs alone and promotional pics). We told you to do your homework and investigate by playing the trial yourself, because these can’t be “VN News for fans” if you are giving those fans misinformation. This is like quoting Fox News.

Get your facts right, and stop misinforming your audience. That’s all we ask of you.

11 years ago

I think you are being caught up by the word ‘news’. It’s a semantic argument then. Youre saying that it should be the 20th century version of the word “news”. Real news. newspaper news. The one that is top down. That is produced and then is consumed. That has ethics. and under the ‘professional journalist’ metaphor, my personal blog now doesnt fit that metaphor properly and now youre chucking a hissy-fit.

My blog is peer-2-peer, it is social. it is not top down. It is Not author & consumer relationship. I blog to socialize with the others around me. The old metaphor does not translate At All into cyberspace. (see my last comment) The rigour that you seek is not what my peers or my fellow bloggers even, want or, even care for.

Believe me, they don’t CARE for what you are asking. They just want to find cool stuff to tweet about and to amuse themselves over. The word “Misinformation” here is being used in the wrong context. You’re completely off.

And yes. I STILL say it is VN news for fans. It’s pop news. Stupid news. But sometimes important news. Sometimes news that deserves attention to integrity, but not always. And when it happens, it will be obvious. But this piece is NOT one of those pieces.

11 years ago

Are you making such a big deal because people are pointing out a mistake you made? Is it that difficult for you to say “yeah, you’re right, guess me and the other guy here were mistaken.”?

Just, y’know, accept it. No need to be so prideful about your blog posts.

11 years ago

But consistency would also urge you, Metaler, to say to the previous commenters that there is no need to use the intonation that they used. you must not be mistaken. THEY are the offendents. Not me. Failing to realize this means you’re just being inconsistent. Sure I made a small mistake. No big deal. What is such a big deal? It’s practically implied in my response that I admit to the mistake. But look carefully — I go above and beyond that.
So where is there the need to be ‘prideful’ or ‘not prideful’ about it. It’s a mistake.
The fact that you had to use that word is just so bizarre and other-worldly to me.

In otherwords It’s childish.

It is as simple as this. If you are here to use 3rd grade logic to troll someone, I’ll delete you, or, I’ll make an example of you. (and then I’ll delete the rest) Because I feel like it. I don’t do it for the fun of it. I do it for myself.

I’m not hesitant of admitting a mistake. What’s so difficult that? in fact, what is such a big deal about that? or is it that I dont have an e-peen so I don’t understand it. I’m not a child. I’ll admit to mistakes.
Your criticism is so above (or below) me that, I don’t know if I can ever have a conversation with you.