A wacky school life! — Meta Meet Cute!!! now on Steam

This February 14th, Sticky Rice Games published the rom-com Meta Meet Cute!!!, available on both Steam and Nintendo Store.

CHARON Titles get new Fan Translations!

More psychotic girls in English for you to enjoy!

Demo for Yandere Mystery Otome Heart Cage Released on June 30th

Following the workings of the Otome/Josei Jam, the Hong Kong-based development studio Ricelovecoffee released a demo for their new otome game «Heart Cage».

Mix Ore – Review

Once again, I’m back for this series! My last review concerned CHARON’s debut release, Mikoto Nikki. Now, it’s time to spotlight Mix Ore. The following review encapsulates my experience rereading…

Mikoto Nikki – Review

When asked about how they got into visual novels, most people will answer with something along the lines of Doki Doki Literature Club!, Saya no Uta, Katawa Shoujo… For me,…