More Vintage VN/RPG Hybrid Eroge Released in English!

More classic eroge have been released in English by fans today! Check out SHANGRLIA2 and Rance: Quest for Hikari by Alpharobo and BabaJeanmel!

Mary Skelter Finale – Alice’s Final Return to the Prison now on PC

On September 12th, Mary Skelter returned into the spotlight of Idea Factorys’ coveted products. The ride coming from Mary Skelter 2 had been bumpy, but now it’s coming with a…

A classic, finally in English—VenusBlood GAIA has been released!

After an year since the demo was released, JAST USA is finally releasing VenusBlood GAIA International!

Alicesoft Publishes Hentai Labyrinth With English translation

Hentai Labyrinth was IMYUIC's debut, and was officially released in English. It's accessible for $17.44.

Event Coverage: Steam Next Fest Demo Reviews

The Steam Next Fest took place from June 19th through June 26th. This event gave users the chance to discover and try out many new game demos. In the following…

Update for AQUAPLUS’ Monochrome Mobius adds fan suggested improvements and QoL fixes

The Tokyo-based publisher Shiravune announced a patch that players of their recent flagship title Monochrome Mobius: Rights and Wrongs Forgotten – which was released on the 17th of November 2022…