Event Coverage: Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023

On 14/11/2023, Nintendo launched their Indie World Showcase 2023 with some nice games, among them three Visual Novels!

Steam Next Fest store page
Spooky October Month Comes With Latest Steam Next Fest

From October 9th 2023 to October 16th 2023, starting at 10:00 AM PT, Valve is holding the latest Steam Next Fest on their major video game distribution platform Steam. Steam…

A Yuri Festival! – Élan Festival 2023 showcase

Come on in, yuri fans! You'll have plenty to feast on!

O2A2 2023—VN Jam Game Report #5

For those who are unaware of what the O2A2 VN Jam is, it’s an acronym that stands for Only One of Any Asset, a development jam designed for all developers to make a micro…

O2A2 2023—VN Jam Game Report #4

Let's take a look at these micro VNs!

O2A2 2023—VN Jam Game Report #3

Let's take a look at some dark, short games...

O2A2 2023 – VN Jam Game Report #2

Let's take a look at more short EVNs!

Visual Novel Steam Fest Starts on August 7th!

(Official event banner via Steamworks) Steam Visual Novel Fest celebrates the spirit of telling a story through art and interactive fiction with discounts and demos on current and upcoming visual…

Event Coverage: CosDay²

Starting out as informal meetup in June 2004 where anime fans decided to collectively explore Frankfurt am Main and some of its more interesting locations clad in cosplay, CosDay² became…

The Spooktober Visual Novel Jam 2023 Competition is coming!

This week, DevTalk announced the beginning date for this year's Spooktober Visual Novel Jam!