Another Code: Recollection now available for the Nintendo Switch!

Another Code: Recollection, the remake of the 2005 series with the same name, is now available to buy from the Nintendo Store!

Love Lab Announces “Ever Maiden”—When Nightmares and Reality Intertwine

On the 15th December, eroge publisher Love Lab announced Ever Maiden, a Liar-Soft game featuring yuri and horror. It's a highly anticipated title.

Event Coverage: Nintendo Indie World Showcase 2023

On 14/11/2023, Nintendo launched their Indie World Showcase 2023 with some nice games, among them three Visual Novels!

Gamuzumi’s Lucy got Problems now Available for Nintendo Switch

On July 20th, the Spanish video game publisher Gamuzumi, which specializes in ecchi/erotic media on console, announced its newest game release for Nintendo Switch: Lucy got Problems. This game was…

Review: LOOPERS—Let’s set out to Find a Real Treasure

This review was handed in by Manpig. If you’re interested in the works of KEY, Minori and an abundance of robot related takes, make sure to follow his account on…