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Otome Domain – Review | A Crossdressing Romcom

Attending a girls’ school sounds like it might be the dream for a lot of young men. Having to dress up and pretend to be a girl while doing so? Not so much. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, Minato ends up attending Whitebell Girls’ Academy, a small school for the education of rich young ladies. Otome Domain (or Otome * Domain) tells the story of how he is actually best girl, despite being a boy.

Purchasing the full adult version from Johren or applying the free 18+ patch is highly advised for this visual novel. The default Steam version cuts out an entire route and more. Full details can be found in our guide.

Entering Whitebell Girl’s Academy

Otome Domain begins with the unfortunate passing of Minato’s grandmother who raised him. Having lost his parents long ago and all the family’s money having been spent on medical bills, he doesn’t know what to do next.

A young lady appears. Kazari is from a rich family and Minato’s grandmother used to take care of her as a maid until she had to retire. When visiting her shortly before her death, she asked that Kazari

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