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Digimon Survive – Review | Shrine of the Kemonogami

Digimon Survive is primarily a visual novel. This seems to be the big controversy for this title, so I’ll get it out the way first. In this jaunt to the Digital World, you’ll find SRPG combat, point-and-click gameplay, and even mechanics similar to dating sims. Despite all of this and more being in Digimon Survive, you’re going to be spending almost all of your time reading – and we’re fine with that.

At NookGaming, we love visual novels, with over 100 reviews of them. They’re not for everyone, but if you love Digimon, stories that you can’t put down, or visual novels, keep reading.

Let’s Get Analogue

Unlike most Digimon stories, we’re not exactly getting digital here. It starts off in a rural town and much of the story is centered around a local shrine worshiping the ‘Kemonogami’ – something along the lines of beast gods.

Digimon Survive has almost an old mythological feel to it in a way. It delves into the beliefs of people in the past, with talk of mysterious powers and children being spirited away. Symbolism is used to help set this type of scene. It’s a very different

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