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Embraced by Autumn – Review | Love Me as I Am

I’ve heard good things about writer and developer ebi-hime in the English visual novel community but had never tried any of her games. I thought the release of her latest visual novel Embraced by Autumn seemed a good excuse to change that. ebi-hime is best known for her dark tales, but Embraced by Autumn is a warm romance story. And while it uses the common school setting, there’s a notable twist. The protagonist dresses as a girl to attend an all-girls school circa 1900 in the French countryside.

Say Yes to the Dress

Marcel de Saint-Rémy doesn’t have the easiest of lives. Though his family has means, his father, the famous actor Georges de Saint-Rémy, is largely absent from his life, and his mother struggles with frustration over Georges’ traipsing from one paramour to the next. This does little to help the family name either. Saint-Rémy is a staple of Parisian gossip rags. Between his father’s notoriety, his feminine features, and his sensitive personality, Marcel is a constant target of bullying at school. He does his best to endure, but when his father’s latest scandal reaches new heights of salaciousness, his mother fears his school life

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