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Parquet – Review | Are We Human?

Parquet is the debut visual novel from Yuzusoft Sour, a subsidiary of prominent visual novel studio Yuzusoft. Yuzusoft are known for producing romance visual novels with adult content, so Parquet, an all-ages visual novel that doesn’t focus on romance, is a departure from their usual releases. While I’m a fan of Yuzusoft’s past works, they do have a style, and I was interested to see how they might approach something different in Parquet. How would Yuzusoft Sour drive a nonromance story? Would Parquet feature a deeper dive into its intriguing transhumanist setting, or would this simply be a veneer for the usual slice of life tropes?

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow

Parquet takes place in a near-future where an invention called Brain-Machine Interface, or BMI for short, has revolutionized society. This technology allows individuals to upload and download memories directly from their brains. Need to learn something? Simply download all the information from a memory cube, no study needed. Want to know what it’s like to have a run-in with the law but don’t want to go to jail? Someone might be willing to let you experience their memory of such an event…for a price.

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