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Sugar * Style – Review | Love Me Ridiculously

Sugar * Style is the latest visual novel from developer Smee to receive an English localization via NekoNyan. Smee, who also developed well-received visual novels Fureraba and Making*Lovers, are known for their lighthearted comedy and sweet romance. And with a title like Sugar * Style you’d expect nothing less. Have Smee served up another tasty treat? Let’s sink our teeth into it.

Man of the House

Sugar * Style begins with our protagonist striking out on his own to attend vocational school. You can rename him if you choose, but I’ll refer to him by his default name, Okibe Kazuki. Kazuki is tentatively enrolled in a computer music program but doesn’t really know what he wants to do. Fortunately, his school has a flexible elective system where he can attend other fields’ classes at his leisure. Due to family connections, he ends up living at the Sunshine Dorm, a rustic building in the mountains where his aunt is the dorm mother. And as these things go, it just so happens all the other residents are cute girls.

None of this setup ever really matters. Sugar * Style is happy to establish the minimum

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