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Under One Wing – Visual Novel Review | Revisiting The Sky

All aboard!

Hop on, my dear audience, as I take you to a whole new world, but instead of a carpet, we are taking a plane! Welcome to Under One Wing, a visual novel developed by Harmorise and published by Sol Press. The game is available on Steam with the 18+ content censored, but you can download a patch from to bring that spicy content back in the game or just buy it uncensored from a retailer such as Denpasoft.

A visual novel with a focus on airplanes is quite an oddball to shake up the common formula for the high school harem style of games, and that’s great for me honestly. I can’t say I am an old hand at visual novels, as I am still young yet, but I have seen my fair share of simple rom coms with the same premise. I do think that these can get tiresome quickly, despite my taking my monthly shot of teen romance with a smile on my face. Something to mix it up is very welcome!

Now, are we falling out of grace or are we soaring high into the sky with this

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