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All aboard!

Hop on, my dear audience, as I take you to a whole new world, but instead of a carpet, we are taking a plane! Welcome to Under One Wing, a visual novel developed by Harmorise and published by Sol Press. The game is available on Steam with the 18+ content censored, but you can download a patch from PantyPress.com to bring that spicy content back in the game or just buy it uncensored from a retailer such as Denpasoft.

A visual novel with a focus on airplanes is quite an oddball to shake up the common formula for the high school harem style of games, and that’s great for me honestly. I can’t say I am an old hand at visual novels, as I am still young yet, but I have seen my fair share of simple rom coms with the same premise. I do think that these can get tiresome quickly, despite my taking my monthly shot of teen romance with a smile on my face. Something to mix it up is very welcome!

Now, are we falling out of grace or are we soaring high into the sky with this

Read the full review over on NookGaming

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