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Bistro Days – Demo Review | An Appetizer

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well” is a quote by Virginia Woolf, a British writer born in the 19th century, and I am using it to whet our appetite! Today we are covering the demo for Bistro Days, an upcoming game developed by Drunk Bunny Games and the Kikai Digital studio for Windows and Mac.

Fine cuisine and love often seem to blend in a tasteful mix in media, ranging from movies to videogames. Bistro Days intends to focus on the development of relationships in the work environment of the bistro. As usual in visual novels, it’s often about the antics that sprout from it. 

Does it satisfy a curiosity for the full course or does it leave a bad taste on the mouth? Let’s find out.

The story, with some coffee on the side

Bistro Days follow our main character, who can be either a boy or girl and have any name you desire but let’s go with our boy Yuki for this one. Yuki is an aspiring food critic in Wisteria City, with a growing Instasnap profile of about 33 followers. It’s a

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