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Sade – A My Time with Dee Dee Game – Early Impressions

Meeting an Old Love

Here we go again! Let’s get into another date with our good old partner Dee Dee in the demo for the fifth installment in this series of visual novels. These are developed and published by DigitallyDownloaded for PC, and available to their Patreons!

Showing off my Dee Dee skills

If you’ve ever gone through our archive of visual novel reviews, you probably saw that I am the number 1 fan of the Dee Dee series. I might even be leading the Dee Dee fan club. As such, you can expect me to be quite happy to have the chance to grab a bite out of their new project. As it always has been for previous titles, this game has its sights on improving over the older ones with a much larger narrative, more endings, and more characters for you to interact with. Does the game have what it takes to be Deefinitely Deelightful? Who knows, it’s a demo after all, and we are exploring it!

The Tale of Gideon

The demo actually starts with ominous music and a blurry background, all based on a dream you

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