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IxShe Tell – Review | The Ban on Romance Has Ended


IxShe Tell is a visual novel by developed Hooksoft and localized by NekoNyan. It takes you into what feels like a typical harem anime high school setting and dials it up to eleven. 

This visual novel could be described as a moege. It’s full of cute girls and has a focus on romance. You won’t find much in the way of serious plot here, but you will certainly laugh at some of the over the top situations.

IxShe Tell can be bought via Steam, but this will be a version without all of the mature content. I should note that it really does cut it back. Even an early panty shot CG was removed in the Steam version. This can be restored by a patch that is free from the NekoNyan Shop. It can also be bought from other retailers such as Denpasoft without any censorship.

The sexual content itself is standard without any uncommon fetishes represented. Each character has a few sex scenes in their route. There are no mosaics. I would not consider any of the scenes overly important to the plot, so readers can skip them if desired.


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